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Bicycle parking lot Tempeliersstraat is open again

The bicycle parking lot on Tempeliersstraat is open again. The parking lot was temporarily closed due to work in the street.

Templar Street is getting a new layout. The buses that stopped in this street will soon have a stop at Houtplein. The work on the street is not quite finished, but the bicycle parking lot is now easily accessible again.

Wood Square

The work on Tempelier Street is part of the project to redesign Houtplein and its surroundings. We want Houtplein to become a welcoming and functioning entrance to the city. In the process, we will also improve traffic safety in the square.

The square will continue to serve an important function for public transportation and bicycle traffic. Because of the work, the buses are still detouring now, but starting in September they will go through Houtplein.

New bicycle parking area

The Houtplein parking garage will soon include a new bicycle storage area. Part of the parking garage will be protected by a wall for this purpose. The parking will have a new entrance on the Houtplein sidewalk. There will be a staircase with a ramp. This parking lot is scheduled to open during 2024. Will the parking in Tempeliersstraat remain open then?

Opening hours

Check the opening hours of the Tempeliersstraat bicycle parking lot here.