Business parking solutions

Parkeerservice Spaarnelanden has been managing and operating the parking facilities in Haarlem for over 15 years. With our knowledge of the city and its surroundings, its inhabitants and its visitors, we provide an optimal and customer-friendly service. We manage the public parking facilities for both cars and bicycles for the municipality of Haarlem, and we also manage the parking facilities for entrepreneurs and VVE's. In short, in Parkeerservice Spaarnelanden you will find a professional partner that translates your specific needs into customized solutions.

The following solutions can be provided by Parkeerservice Spaarnelanden:

Management and operation of a parking facility

Parking Service Spaarnelanden has the knowledge and experience to successfully manage and operate your parking facility. By combining your wishes with our knowledge of laws and regulations, safety requirements and latest sustainable developments, we offer you a customized solution. Because Parkeerservice is part of Spaarnelanden nv, customized solutions can also be offered in the field of waste management, green maintenance and paving.

Financial administration of a parking facility

Parking Service Spaarnelanden can take care of the financial administration of your parking facility. This includes both the operational handling of financial transactions and the production of insightful reports. We can also provide audit reports. We take care of the entire financial settlement in an open and transparent manner.

Management of technical installations

Parking Service Spaarnelanden can take care of the management of your technical installations in your parking facilities. This includes both daily maintenance and the preparation of a multi-year maintenance plan.

Smart Parking Fee

If you want to give your customers something extra then consider using our Smart Parking Fee. This allows you to give your customers a discount on their parking fees in public parking garages.

Frequently asked questions about the Smart Parking Fee


If you are interested or would like more information about our services, please feel free to contact us via our contact page.