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Contactless entry and exit is now possible in the Houtplein, Raaks, Kamp and Cronjé parking garages. At parking garage Appelaar this is possible from 24 November and at the Dreef from 8 December. This means that you no longer need a parking ticket to enter and exit, and you no longer have to wait at the pay machine. With your own debit or credit card (equipped with the contactless payment logo) or with your mobile (e.g. via Apple Pay) you can easily enter and exit.

How does it work?

Holding the payment card or mobile in front of the card reader raises the barrier. The confirmation appears on the display screen of the entrance terminal. Before leaving, you do not have to pass the payment terminal first, because you can "check out" again at the exit with the same payment card. At the exit terminal, the amount to be paid is displayed. By holding the debit or credit card in front of the card reader of the exit terminal, the payment takes place and the barrier opens, allowing you to leave the parking garage. Entering the PIN code is not necessary; you pay contactless. This allows you to exit quickly, easily and safely.