Replacement parking management systems municipal parking garages

Municipality of Haarlem uses the latest parking solutions in the municipal parking garages: Houtplein, Raaks, Kamp, Cronjé, Appelaar and Dreef. This ensures that all parkers can park easily and quickly. 

The parking access systems in the 6 municipal parking garages were replaced last year. The new system is much more modern and user-friendly. Visitors can park by card, cardless or simply by mobile phone based on license plate recognition. Once you have paid and the license plate of the vehicle is read and registered by the automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) camera, the barrier goes up. You can pay by cash, contactless or by holding your payment card or mobile in front of the card reader at the exit terminal. Contactless parking is also possible via parking apps (such as EasyPark). When entering and exiting, a parking activity is automatically started in the background and then closed. Another possibility is that you enter the license plate number on the payment terminal and pay. No more parking ticket is needed.