Project description

Charging point Ingenieur Lelyweg 49

Ingenieur Lelyweg 49, 2031 CD, Haarlem
To the overview
Electric car charging at Spaarnelanden at Ir. Lelyweg 49

Fast Charger of up to 50kW (DC).

  • Charging time: 30 to 60 minutes to 80% full
  • Maximum charging speed: 50kw
    The maximum charging speed is determined by the vehicle itself.
  • The charger features both ChaDeMo and CCS
  • Tesla adapter included

Standard rate charging (Charging rate up to 22 kW)
€0.40 per kWh incl. VAT

Standard rate public fast chargers (Charging rate >22 kW)
€0.64 per kWh incl. VAT