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Spaarndamseweg 1, 2022 EG Haarlem
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About payment terminal Harbour Office
This payment terminal is located right next to the Harbour Office, making it ideal for combining your payment for accommodation and/or passage. You can also pick up leaflets here with various fun tips to do in Haarlem.

Discover Haarlem from the water
Would you like to know more about the possibilities Haarlem offers? Download the leaflet Sailing in Haarlem for more information.

When you pass through Haarlem and need a bridge opening to pass through, you pay bridge fees. If you can sail your vessel under the bridges, you do not pay bridge fees. You may moor in Haarlem for up to three hours free of charge at one of the transient moorings. After the first three hours, you pay for your stay. If you pay for your stay, you do not have to pay bridge fees. It is not possible to reserve a passerby berth. The length of the vessel determines the rate. The length is calculated per decimal place.

Bridge fee

Day pass: at least one bridge opening € 1.20 per meter vessel
Annual ticket: minimum one bridge opening € 12.00 per meter vessel

Cost of lodging (including bridge fees)
Stay per day € 1.40 per meter of vehicle. Are you staying three days or more? Then you will receive a 25% discount. Do you sail electrically? Then you can receive a 20% discount on the above amounts. For this you need to report separately to the Harbour Office.

Payment options

1 . Contactless
1 . Maestro
1 . Mastercard
1 . VPAY
1 . Visa
In addition, an app is available from To make your payment digitally.

Annual bridge pass
Do you regularly sail with your pleasure craft within the waters of Haarlem, including the Mooie Nel and need a bridge opening to pass through? Then you can purchase an Annual Bridge Fee Card. This card is advantageous when you pass through more than 10 times. The annual card is valid from January 1 to December 31. The annual pass ends automatically.

Paying year card
You purchase the Annual Bridge Fee Card through the app. You must first create an account. You can then apply for the annual pass at the Haarlem location. Each time you pass through Haarlem, log in with your account and select the option Bridge Fee. There is no charge per passage, because the annual fee has already been paid.

Port office