Payment terminal Gravestone Bridge

Spaarne 2-4, 2011 CH Haarlem

About payment terminal Gravestenenbrug
The payment terminal is located next to the 1950 Gravesteen Bridge. This double steel drawbridge is for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Next to the bridge is a small house that once served as the smallest museum in the Netherlands. This museum was run by artist Spiering. He made a nod to Teylers Museum, with its giant classical sculpture group atop the roof, by placing his own oversized classic "The Foot of Mercury" on the roof. The little museum no longer exists and now serves as a shower stall for water recreationists and inland boaters.

Discover Haarlem from the water
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Bridge times, rates and moorings
See more information on bridge times, rates and moorings on the municipality's website.

Payment terminal Gravestenenbrug