Work in De Kamp parking garage

Parking service Spaarnelanden will replace the coating in the two stairwells of parking garage De Kamp on behalf of the municipality of Haarlem.

Work will take place from week 5 to week 13.

Working hours
Work will be performed on weekdays between 07:00 and 17:00.

The works
During the work, the parking garage will remain open for regular use, but only a maximum of one stairwell will be available. We will start in the stairwell at the level of Essen Street, so it will not be open for use during the first period.

The elevator stairwell will be out of service from Feb. 28 through the end of March due to coating replacement. To access the garage, follow the signs to the other stairwell. This one does not have an elevator. From March 7, the elevator will be back in use, but it will only go to the sixth floor (restaurant The Dakkas) and not to the other floors.

There may be noise, dust and odor nuisance during the work. If you live nearby, we advise you to keep windows and doors closed during the work. We will do our best to limit the nuisance as much as possible.