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Municipality of Haarlem chooses latest parking solutions in its 6 municipal parking garages: Houtplein, Raaks, Kamp, Cronjé, Appelaar and Dreef. Work will begin in June in the first parking garage (Houtplein).

Planning the work

Houtplein: June 5 to early October 2023, Raaks: June 26 to late October 2023, De Kamp: August 28 to early November 2023, Cronjé: September 18 to late November 2023; Appelaar: October 2 to early December 2023 and Dreef: October 23 to late December 2023.

Installation of the new cabling will begin. Then the new equipment will be installed: surveillance cameras, pay machines, door readers and the entry and exit terminals. Finally, the old cabling and equipment will be removed.

Accessibility of parking garages

During this work, the parking garages will remain largely open, but some parking spaces will be temporarily closed for safety reasons. Visitors will then be directed to other available parking spaces within the parking garage. Only during the conversion of the entrances and exits is it necessary, for safety reasons, to close the parking garage for a number of days. Visitors and season ticket holders will be informed in time and can then divert to another parking garage.

License plate recognition and new payment options.

The new system allows visitors to enter and exit the parking garages faster through the use of license plate recognition. As soon as a visitor enters, the license plate of the vehicle is read and registered by the automatic license plate recognition (ANPR) camera. Once the visitor has paid, the barrier automatically lifts when the visitor exits without having to stop.

Pulling a ticket at the entrance will soon no longer be necessary. The parker will soon be able to park ticketlessly by debit card or phone or enter the license plate number at the parking meter. The parker can also pay and exit directly via Easypark or other parking apps. If you do want a ticket, you can easily pay by scanning the QR code on the ticket with the smartphone. A receipt can be sent separately. So you no longer have to pass by the pay machine. Ideal for situations where a large group of parkers want to pay simultaneously, such as after a movie, a concert or a day of shopping.

Subscribe and/or reserve

A complete web module will soon make it possible to reserve a parking space or take out a long-term subscription and manage it yourself. This way you are sure of a parking spot, there is no more waiting time for a subscription and you can change it again at any time.

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